The following links are to videos of some of the things we teach. We will be adding to this as we go along so keep checking for updates.

Qigong exercises

Daoyin Yangsheng Gong

Daoyin Yangsheng Gong is a system of exercises devised by Professor Zhang Guangde. For more information have a look at the English Daoyin Yangsheng Gong Association website. The videos below are just a few of the exercises Professor Zhang has developed.

Daoyin for general health set 1
Daoyin Baojian Gong 1
This is an exercise set for general health preservation, performed here by Professor Zhang.
Daoyin for general health set 1
Daoyin Baojian Gong 2
This is another general health set, here performed by Zhang Jian.
the Eight Pieces of Brocade
Ba Duan Jin
This set was devised around 900 years ago and has produced many variations over the years. Here Professor Zhang performs his own version.
Cardiovascular Daoyin
Shuxin Pingxue Gong 2
This set for the heart and ciculatory system was devised by and is here performed by, Professor Zhang.
Respiratory Daoyin
Yiqi Yangfei Gong 1
This is is a set of exercises for the respiratory system, devised by and here performed by, Professor Zhang.
Taiji Ruler set 1
Yangsheng Taiji Bang 1
The Bang is a short stick used for health exercises. Here is a video of Professor Zhang performing his first bang routine.
Taiji Ruler set 1
Yangsheng Taiji Bang 1
Here is Erik's version of the first bang routine.
Taiji Ruler set 2
Yangsheng Taiji Bang 2
Yangsheng Taiji Bang 2
Here are two videos of Professor Zhang performing his second bang routine.
Taiji Ruler set 2
Yangsheng Taiji Bang 2
Here is Erik performing the mirror image version of Bang 2.
The Treasures of Tai Chi 1
Taiji Jin 1
Further exercises for general health, here performed by Prfessor Zhang
The Treasures of Tai Chi 2
Taiji Jin 2
The second set of the Treasures of Tai Chi, here performed by Erik
Taji Qigong warm up exercises Hu Xiaofe's warm up exercies for Tai Chi and Qigong
Taji Qigong warm up mirror image Mirror image version of the warm up exercies
Daoyin 12 movement form A compilation of Professor Zhang's favourite exercises from his other sets devised for the Chinese Health Qigong Association.
Daoyin 12 movement form The 12 movements, here performed by Professor Zhang's nephew, Zhang Jian.
Seated Daoyin 12 movement form Seated version for the elderly or infirm. Performed by Professor Zhang.

Phoenix Qigong

Phoenix in Graceful Clouds of Blessing is sequence of movements created by Joe Lok, a Qigong and Tai Chi master from Hong Kong. The demonstration form looks a lot like Tai Chi but is based on the same Qigong principles as Daoyin Yangsheng Gong.

Joe Lok (the creator) performing Phoenix Qigong

Another version with Joe Lok

Phoenix Qigong by a German couple

Open Door 5

This is a Daoist breathing exercise from Joe Lok. It is intended to open five key energy gates of the body. It can be performed on its own or as a preparation for other Qigong exercises.

Joe Lok performs the sequence

Seated version with Joe

Another Joe version with names and details

Shi Ba Shi

Another popular form of Qigong.

Shi Ba Shi 1 performed by master Wing Cheung (who taught us). And a Slightly different version performed by Claudia Maria Winkler.

Shi Ba Shi 2 performed by master Wing Cheung. And by Matthias Wagner

Chinese Health Qigong Association

Taiji Yangsheng Zhang (Stick Qigong) is an exercise using a short (1m) stick which improve your flexibility.

Faye Yip gives a very fluid demonstration. She only repeats each move once on each side and misses out the last one but the way she performs them is something to aim for.
The originator of the form with a group give a nice, slow and precise demonstration of the moves.
And a couple of others: Master Ma Yongzhi and Professor Chen Bei.

Ba Duan Jin or the Eight Pieces of Brocade, or Eight Treasures, is an ancient Qigong set with many variants.

The Chinese Health Qigong Association version of Ba Duan Jin performed by Master Faye Yip.

Tai Chi forms

Beijing 24 step form

Master Wang Yanji trained with Li Tianji who created the form.
A clever demonstration with two people: the man with his back to you is doing it the way you would and the woman is performing the mirror image. This way you can see what their hands are doing at all times.

Beijing 88 step form

Li Tianji's interpretation of the original Yang long form performed by Master Wang Yanji.
Another demonstration by Chen Entan who trained with professor Li Deyin (has an ad at the beginning).

Sun style long form

Faye Yip, daughter of Li Deyin and Wang Yanji, a student of Li Tianji. Li Tianji studied with Sun Lutang and passed on the style to his nephew Li Deyin.

Sun Jianyun, Sun Lutang's daughter in an early film. And a later film with an explanation (and, unfortunately also an advert at the beginning).

Sun style short forms

Master Faye Yip performs the 12 step short form. Designed by Professor Li Deyin as a very short introduction to Sun Style.

Master Faye Yip performs this longer form, also devised by Professor Li. This has the same beginning and end as the long form.

Tai Chi for Arthritis

Tai Chi for Arthritis is an exercise regime devised by Dr Paul Lam from Australia. As an arthritis sufferer, a medical doctor and a Tai Chi practitioner he has a special insight into the benefits of Tai Chi for this condition.

Tai Chi for Arthritis Part 1 performed by Dr Paul Lam (creator) & USA/International delegates

Tai Chi for Arthritis Parts 1 & 2 performed by: Jane Tan; Gladys Tan (a little 'stiff' in performance but you can follow the moves); group demo.

What is Tai Chi talk by Dr Lam.