We will update this page periodically with events we have attended or upcoming ones we think look interesting...

Qigong Course in Potters Bar

Simon Watson will be holding a seminar on two popular Qigong sets at Lochinver School, Potters Bar on Saturday February 25th. The morning session will cover the Daoyin Baojian Gong exercises for general health and the afternoon will be the Yiqi Yangfei Gong exercises for the respiritory system.

See the flyer for details.

Sally Wins Third Award from Enfield

Sally received a 'highly commeded' awarded in the 'Sport/Culture Leader of the Year' category at Enfield Borough Council's 2015 'Celebrating Sport and Culture' award ceremony.

The ceremony was attended by senior council officials and Sally recieved her award from the Mayor. This is the third time Sally has received an award for her teaching for the borough.

Tai Chi for Arthritis

Dr Paul Lam is a medical doctor and Tai Chi teacher from Australia. He has suffered from arthritis from his early teens and found Tai Chi to be highly beneficial for the condition. With his medical training he was aware of the benefits of exercise for arthritis and also of the growing body of medical evidence showing how Tai Chi can help directly and indirectly with many of the symptoms of the condition. He formed the Tai Chi for Health Institute and has been spreading his carefully devised programme in Australia and the rest of the world for many years.

Veronica Ashcroft has worked with Dr Lam and become an authorised Master Trainer in Tai Chi for Arthritis. Veronica now runs training workshops for people in the southern UK who wish to teach the system.

We attended one of Veronica's two-day workshops on the 1st and 29th of November 2014. A small group of people from varied backgrounds gathered in a church hall in Surbiton for the course. As well as learning the movements of Dr Lam's form, which is based on Sun style Tai Chi, we covered the nature of arthritis and the special requirements for safely teaching Tai Chi to people with the condition. Group discussions also provided a lot of useful information for all of us.

Master Wang Yanji

Master Wang made the last of his spring and autumn visits to the UK in November. Although we will miss these in-depth sessions he will still be returning in the summer for the Longfei summer camp.

Master Wang is not only a very experienced and capable master of many arts but also a very generous teacher who is enthusiastic about passing his knowledge on.